Green and Intermodal solutions
for Adriatic airports and ports



Interreg V-A Italy-Croatia CBC Programme


Low level of integration among different modes of transportation and insufficient investments in sustainable and low-carbon transportation technologies are characterizing several regions in the Adriatic area, which is a highly touristic destination especially along the coastlines of Italy and Croatia; the touristic flux is mainly conveyed by ferries and planes, without significant connections with other modes of transportation and neglecting the crucial issue of environmental efficiency across the Adriatic Sea.


The overall objective is to improve the integration of Adriatic ports and airports with other modes of transportation in order to enhance the processing of tourists in the Adriatic Sea; furthermore, the project will concretely contribute to enhance the environmental sustainability of coastal transportation services. Project activities and outputs will contribute to a higher coordination among Italy and Croatia in the development and implementation of integrated passengers transportation systems and intermodal connections, reducing disparities and creating opportunities to implement new and smart solutions to solve identified problems in tourists’ transportation.

Specific objectives:

  • Identification and analysis of replicable solutions and environmental assessments

  • Testing of smart operational and technological solutions and evaluation of their transferability

  • Creation of networking opportunities to spread out the gained knowledge towards other ports and airports


  • Identification of suitable solutions to lowering airports/ports environmental impacts and to improve intermodal connections with other modes of transportation that could be easily adapted in local contexts of entire Adriatic area

  • Detailed environmental assessment of involved ports/airports

  • Realization of 2 Join Action Plans: one for intermodal passengers transportation from/to ports and airports and one for a sustainable airport and port management

  • Testing of 6 new and smart solutions in area of Pula, Dubrovnik, Rimini, Ancona, Pescara and Bari that will produce concrete results in terms of feasibility, effectiveness, costs-benefits, level of satisfaction of passengers, environmental performances and sustainable management of ports and airports.

  • Elaboration of a cross-border technical manual with all identified and tested solutions and practical indications on how those solutions could be successfully replicated

  • Technicians and operators (also from other airports/ports) will be informed and trained on how to adapt and use tested solutions (4 cross-border trainings and Cross- Border Forum).


  1. Pula Airport (Croatia) – Lead Partner

  2. Dubrovnik Airport (Croatia)

  3. Airports of Apulia (Italy)

  4. Airiminum 2014 S.p.A (Italy)

  5. Abruzzo Airport Management Company (Italy)

  6. Dubrovnik Port Authority (Croatia)

  7. Central Adriatic Ports Authority (Italy)

  8. Pula Port Authority (Croatia)

  9. Southern Adriatic Sea Port Authority (Italy)

  10. University Polytechnic of Marche (Italy)


2.104.217,00 (programme co-financing 85%; national co-financing 15%)


01/01/2019 – 31/01/2021